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  • Financial & Trade Risk

  • The team of financial & trade risk in CIB is innovation oriented and focuses on the need of frontier markets constantly. We are able to design and provide wholesale risk solutions based on the demand of financing entities. At present, we have successfully led the first Asset Backed Securitization (ABS) project with insurance companies warranted in China.

    Our Products: 
    • Guarantee Insurance based on ABS products
    • Guarantee Insurance based on project finance for energy enterprises
    • Guarantee Insurance based on personal loans
    • Wholesale risk solutions for leased vehicle and auto loans
    • Surety Bond, including Engineering Bond, Advance Payment Bond, Bid Bond, etc
    • Credit Insurance: Domestic Credit Insurance, Short-term Export Credit Insurance
    • Civil and Maritime Litigation Preservation Liability
    • Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) for listed companies and financial institutions

    Auto Extended Warranty service, including extended warranty service for non-parallel imported vehicles, quality guarantee service for parallel imported vehicles and used vehicles
    • Extended Warranty service for household appliances and 3C digital products