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  • CIB provides professional insurance solutions for clients in various fields, including tailored design, inquiry and insurance arrangement, daily service, loss prevention, claims settlement.

    Our Services:
    Tailored Design
    We design the best-fit insurance draft solutions based on the need of clients, insurance policy, loss history, claims and risk reports. The draft includes our deliberate recommendations for insurance arrangement and the scope of insurance.

    Based on the need of insured, we get solutions from various professional insurance companies, compare each option and recommend the best solution for clients.

    Daily Service
    We provide FAQ service for clients, help them build insurance procedures and handle any operations related to the policy timely.

    Loss Prevention
    We offer timely advice for clients to take precautionary measures for potential disasters and loss.

    Claims Settlement
    When loss occurs, we actively and timely assist to send out Notice of Claim and negotiate with insurers to protect the best interests of our clients.

    • Employee Benefit
    • High-end Medical
    • Internet
    • Industrial and Commercial Enterprises
    • Logistic Transport
    • Construction
    • Machinofacture 
    • Overseas Project