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  • Property & Engineering
  • Property & Engineering team is professional and experienced in engineering, actuarial science and other related background knowledge. We focus on designing the best insurance solutions for clients.

    Our Products:
    • Property:
     Property All Risk
     Machinery Breakdown
     Business Interruption
     Machinery Loss of Profit 
    • Engineering
     Construction All Risk / Third Party Liability
     Erection All Risk/ Third Party Liability
     Construction / Erection All Risk / Third Party Liability
     Delay in Start Up

    • Property
     Real Estate
     Pharmaceutical & Food
     Other General Manufacturing
    • Engineering
     Infrastructure Constructions, including Metro, Railway, Highway, Bridge, Tunnel, Port, etc. 
     Wet risks, Breakwaters, Channel Dredging, Land Reclamation, etc.  
     Commercial Building Project
     High-tech Manufacturing Project 
     Motor and Spare Parts Manufacturing Project  

    Information for Underwriting: 
    • Survey Report / Feasibility Research Report 
    • Site Plan
    • Loss Record for past 3-5 years (for property)
    • Construction Bar Chat (for engineering project)
    • Other related profile background information, etc.